How to add addon domain in cpanel

addon domain
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How to add addon domain in cpanel

What’s up, ladies and gentlemen Tom here with Easy Web Bringing you just a short video on how to install wordpress on cpanel hosting with GoDaddy now this should work on any company or any web hosting company out there that has CPanel assuming they have install at Ron most of them have install at Ron there’s a few that don’t in that case it’s usually like Softaculous I think is the one but there’s not a whole lot of them that use this.

How to add addon domain in cpanel

So this should work for most people so With that said we’re gonna dig right in we’ll make this a short video so I’m going to go ahead and shrink this window down what you’re gonna do is go ahead and log into your namecheap or GoDaddy account this may be the first page that you see but if it isn’t go ahead and click this button up here in the right corner and then go to my products from the my product screen you’re gonna scroll down you need to find where it says web host and click this little arrow to The left this will drop down and show you all of your hosting accounts from there You’re gonna look and on the right side of the screen .

You want to click the manage button next to the hosting account you want to use this for? From there. You want to go ahead and click your cPanel. Admin that will log you into the cPanel admin now from here I like to use this search functions thing right at the top here First thing we’re going to do we’re gonna make sure if you haven’t added the domain to the cPanel already we need to go ahead And add it so go ahead and search add up here and then we’ll go to add-on domains From there, you’ll see domains listed here that are already Attached to your cPanel, if it’s not in this list, you’ll want to go ahead and add it up here What we’ll do is we’ll type in.

I’m actually gonna use one of my domains that I’m not using for anything worst movies dot space Oh know why I bought that still but Anyways, so we’ll go ahead and type that in and it will auto populate sub domain and document root Do not change those those are exactly as they need to be Create an FTP account. You can if you you want to there is a route FTP account associated with every cPanel so you don’t really need to I never do anyways, after that, we’ll go ahead and click the blue add domain button and We’ll give it just a minute Doo-doo-doo-doo While we’re waiting on this don’t forget to Like and subscribe for tons more of helpful videos and tips and do-it-yourself tricks We’re always posting something new Alright so that took a little bit but we’ve got the domain added on So now we’re gonna go ahead and click this White cPanel button in the upper right corner to go back to the cPanel home this time We’re gonna search install or in-store something to that effect It’ll bring up the Installer Tron applications installer right here.

You’ll go ahead and click install a Tron applications installer From there. You want to click applications browser in the upper right here, and then you’re gonna scroll down Find the WordPress button over here on the left hand side. Go ahead and click on that and Then we’re gonna hit install this application from here, you’re gonna select your domain and You’ll when you click on this you’ll see a list of all your domains here and there’s a couple that seem like they’re duplicates They are not Let me explain what I mean So you’re gonna see like we’re doing worst movies dot space.

You’ll see the worst movies test out easy web That’s that sub domain that it added on back there. This is the actual domain So you’ll see four different versions of it. So HTTP colon slash slash Or excuse me. This is the actual domain HTTP colon slash slash worst movies dot space same thing with a www in it and then also with an HTTP now You’ll want to use the one with HT TPS if you have an SSL already set up for this so If you don’t plan on adding an SSL, don’t do this It’ll just mess up the install and And just to clarify because I don’t know why I run into this. Sometimes simply selecting HTTPS does not give you an SSL with GoDaddy You’ll actually have to purchase one or you’ll have to go to another source and find one third party something like that But you do have to get an actual SSL you can’t just select that and automatically be secure So in this case, I don’t have an SSL for this. I don’t need one.

This is just a test So I’m gonna select this one as far as choosing if you want WW or not that’s strictly Cosmetic when you go to the browser, it’s just up here in the address bar It’ll either say W W or won’t say W W But either way if somebody types in the WWE or not, it will still go to your website. So I just use it without directory this is where you would place a sub directory, so if say I wanted the actual WordPress install to be at word worst movies dot space forward slash blog I would type that directory in here or if I wanted at worst movies dot space /dev, maybe I’m making a dev site. You would do that I want it directly on the domain.

So we’re actually gonna make this blank if we want it directly on the domain So we’ll just go ahead and erase that from there. I recommend leaving All the settings here default unless you know what you’re doing. Most people if you’re watching this video Probably not good to mess with these So leave all these default Scroll down until you get to administrator username and password. You’ll want to type in your user name right here In this case. I’m just doing let’s just do test site and administrator password Mmm, whatever So Go ahead and put in your administrator username and password this administrator email you’ll want to replace with whatever email you’re going to be mainly Using on the site a lot of times this will get automatically associated with users and sometimes even contact forms and stuff .

So make sure you put in a good email in there Excuse me so we’ll put in this and Then website title. This is what you want to Appear. So if you see like how this tab up here says my hosting or WordPress – install a Tron application This is what’s gonna appear right here where it says WordPress or my hosting and it’s gonna be your main website title. So if So if I was building a site for my business I might do something like that or easy web 101 test a website tagline That’s where after this – it says install a Tron application this is where you would put in whatever you want it to display after a – so if I were to Build my company website maybe Awesome websites so alright Again, the rest of this stuff I would probably leave default. I wouldn’t mess with it.

Definitely don’t mess with this multi-site thing That’s one thing I get a question about a lot answer is don’t touch it All right, and then from there we’re just gonna hit the install button And we’ll give that just a minute it’s usually pretty quick Do did you do? You’ll see this just spin around kind of for a while looks like a little barbershop pole or something only it’s blue Alright and it’s installed now.

if you just added the domain sometimes the DNS will take a while to take effect before you can actually Access the site. It’s always like up to 24 hours for DNS. Although typically it happens Mmm, maybe 15-20 minutes, but you might have to clear your browser cache or something to that effect if you’ve been to the domain recently That said let’s see this. Yep. It works for me already. So By the way, when you’re in the install of Tron if you click the link that says WP dash admin here That’s gonna log you straight into the WordPress dashboard to get started and you’ll end up with this start wizard right off the bat Which go ahead and cancel out but that’s pretty much it.

I’ll go ahead and expand this back up, but It’s that simple so you just go in there add the domain first and then you’re gonna go ahead and do the install of Tron install like I said try to use all default settings and then Go ahead and click the WP admin link and log yourself in and get started Alright, if you guys got any questions comments, or you feel that I missed something Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me Thomas that EasyWeb

We’re always here to help and again Like and subscribe if you want more helpful tips in the future. Other than that. Thank you for watching

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