How to install WordPress in your domain

How to install WordPress in your domain
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How to install WordPress in your domain

Now in this post we are going to install WordPress and it’s actually quite easy to do now we are still logged into cPanel which is the web hosting control panel to scroll all the way down.

Now one of the benefits of having chosen InMotion hosting as they have this app installer that makes it very easy to install WordPress and it’s right here I can go ahead and click on this icon and it’s going to take me to an automatic installer to install WordPress on the go ahead and click on that there just like that now.

Before this you would have to download WordPress uploaded manually created database and the user and all that was very technical and more complicated than it needed to be but because you are using InMotion hosting it comes with this app installer where we can install actually hundreds of different apps but in this case were obviously just going to install WordPress now

This will install the latest version of WordPress for us so all we have to do is click on this install button right here and it’s gonna walk us through everything we need to do so the first thing we need to choose is right here whether we want the domain name to have the www. in front of it or not now my personal preference is to have the www. just like that so I always go that route and there’s some technical reasons why that could make things easier down the road for you so I personally like to have the my domain and just like that and right here you choose the domain name.

Now obviously we only have one in this account but if you had multiple domain names on your hosting account you could use this drop-down to choose which domain name that you wanted to install WordPress on silver and scroll down you can put your site name right no wand site description right now but to do that in a later video.

So we could just leave those the way that they are and right here is kind of important wording to choose the username and password and the email all for WordPress so this will obviously be our login for WordPress and this will be the email that is used during the installation as well so here is some tips don’t choose admin don’t choose administrator don’t choose the domain name choose something that is not going to be easy for someone to guess and can also use an email address for the username if you wanted so I go ahead right here in a minute use my W peak your email address you could use any email address here.

How to install WordPress in your domain

But then I’m a copy and I’m in a pay set up there to use as the admin username as well so now you can see I have it in both location sand then I’m to go ahead and choose my password now you don’t want to have the word password to be your password you want to have something strong in here so I’m sure you have something in mind so I just typed my password and and then I clicked on the little hide button here because I don’t want you to know in my password and you don’t want anyone knowing your password that you don’t want to log into your website now sexy and be very easy to change your password in the future so it’s okay.

if you put something in that you might think I rather I wanted to change that down the road it’s gonna be really easy to do okay so right here and choose the language for me it’s going to be English so you could choose whichever language you want now if you do speak a different language but you also speak English I would recommend keeping English right now and then after you set up your entire website watch my video on translations okay and then write your ministry some advanced options we don’t need to do anything here.

Now here are some interesting options for you with the first one is auto upgrade what this will do is when there is an upgrade to WordPress it’ll automatically upgraded for you the next option is to automatically upgrade your plug-ins and the next options to automatically upgrade your themes now right now you need to make a decision for you are you the type of person that’s gonna log into your website to make sure everything’sup-to-date if you are then you don’t want to check any of these because you’ll have that flying manual control over all of it and it is better to manually update these things if you’re in a be logged into your websites you have some kind of control overt but if you’re never going to log in your website or it’s gonna be so infrequent you might want to check all three of these.

So I’m actually going to check all three of them now and right here you could put in email address and this is where the installation details will be emailed to now I’m not to put anything in there and that’s completely up to you if you want to do it some of the click on install right now and it installed fine for me.

Now I do want to give you one little caveat sometimes when it’s the first time you’re installing anything on your hosting account right here it will say that there are some files in the directory and it doesn’t want to override him and then it will take you back a screen and they’ll be a new checkbox that you can check to delete everything and that’s okay to do.

if that is what happened for you right now it’s completely normal so I’ve already installed WordPress on the go ahead and click on this right here just topee if it pulls up and there it is this is the default WordPress theme right now and I’m in a go ahead and click on this right here to see if it brings in the admin dashboards.

It automatically logs me in when I clicked on that link and WordPress is now installed the great job you are making progress

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